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Press Release-O-Matic!
Automatically Build Attention Getting Press Releases

Press Release-O-Matic is the absolutely foolproof way to create attention getting press releases for any product.  In less than a minute, you can create professional looking press releases, formatted exactly the way editors want to see them.

Quickly create attention getting press releases ready for printing or placement on your web site - no coding involved, just fill out the Press Release-O-Matic form and click 'create'. Press Release-O-Matic instantly creates your press release for you - even creates it in HTML so you can place it on your web site.
So simple, so easy, yet produces professional results every time. Even includes sample data and suggestions to make your press release even better.

Forget about struggling to create a readable press release . . . Press Release-O-Matic does it for you, and it does it right, without errors.
With Press Release-O-Matic, you can create your own professional press releases immediately. No need to struggle trying to get it right.

(Press Release-O-Matic works with any Windows PC!)

How to Write Powerful Press Releases

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Press Release Distribution Options

Basic Package - Over 35,000 journalists and media outlets!

Search Engine Option - Use search engine optimization to reach your target audience.

Publicity is the most cost-effective marketing tool there is and it’s the only part of a marketing strategy that builds credibility. Many industries have innovative up-start companies that are relatively unknown. For these new companies to gain an edge over their competition, it is vital that they build credibility through publicity.

PR VS Advertising – PR Builds Credibility and Wins Hands Down!
Advertising controls the message while PR does not, and because of this, PR creates credibility. Many times readers see an ad and they know that what they are reading is just overblown hype. Most readers are more likely to trust independent authorities such as reviewers, columnists, reporters or broadcasters. Without a doubt, it is these same authorities that are directly influenced by good public relations and specifically, a well-written press release.

Press Releases Can Go the Distance
A well-written release can dramatically increase your sales, expose your company to the masses, and greatly enhance the image of your business or products.

The Bottom Line
Credibility is the one thing that can win the customer’s heart and pocketbook at the same time and nothing builds more credibility than a well-written press release that gets picked up by the media.

Starting at only $375, can distribute your press release to the targeted Channel(s) of your choice including top daily and national newspapers, top industry and segment publications, TV, Radio, and top online news sources. We have over 35,000 opt-in journalists (and growing), making our database of subscribers one of the largest available.

Our service is designed to save you money and time while delivering your press release to the people who most want to read your news.

A professionally written press release can make the difference between a successful press release and an utter failure. While there are many factors that help a press release become successful (e.g. timeliness, newsworthiness, etc.), delivery technique is critical. For only $250 you can have your press release written by the same people who have written tips and articles featured on this Web site.

Softnik Technologies Good Key Word Generator
Good Key Word Gernerator is a free Windows software for finding the best keywords for your web pages. Use it to find profitable products and ideas, analyze your competition and check the progress of your web marketing and advertising efforts to ensure the best return on your investments
Ad Aware SE Personal Edition 1.06
Detection, Prevention and Protection of Spyware
The risks from spyware and other malicious content are growing increasingly severe in a corporate environment. The result is network slowdowns, loss of productivity, worker frustration, and, in a more scary scenario, compromised privacy and even legal liability issues.
Increase your sites Alexa Ranking:  Alexa Booster 3.2
If you have a website, traffic equals higher rankings and ratings.  Alexa is used to determine your ranking.  So if you are selling a product, service, or information, you need steady traffic to your websites.  Just turn it on and watch your Alexa Rating start moving.  The longer it runs, the lower (closer to 1) your rating.  Not credit card numbers to enter.  Just down load it and use it.
HTML 4 Newbies
Free online instruction for everything about HTML and endless resources
Coffee Cup HTML Editor
Point. shift. drag. and click.  Edit Graphic and then concert into an easy to insert HTML Code

Place this HTML Color Code tool on your website free. | Professional Turnkey Websites
At Pay Pop Up you can launch a Pop Up Campaign at very reasonable prices.
Manage Surf
Surf multiple Auto Surf Traffic Exchanges at once tip and track all of your hits with your URL Rotator Tracker.  Current Data Base contains over 153 programs.  I recommend using "Paid to Surf" programs for racking up "HITS" Traffic to your site.
Most programs sell "membership" that allow you to earn more money for viewing ads.  These programs pay anywhere from 1% to 15% of your membership per day.  Nearly all of these are based on a pyrimid sceme and eventually, the will colapse...with you money and everyone elses.  The higher percentage an auto surf site pays, the more unstable they are.
However, there are a few 1% sites that are very respectable and have made repeated payouts for over a year.
Hit Buddies
Hit Buddies is another great way to generate traffic through a traffic exchange.  Here you also have to options to launch a Paid to Click Campaign or a Paid to Read E-Mail Campaign.  Hit Buddies is Free to join and you can buy bulk wholesale traffic very cheap.
Stormpay is a great new payment processor similar PayPal.  They are also new to the online auction business.  Most recently, the opend up a Paid to Click site which is having enourmous success.  In a few weeks the shut down many Paid to Click Web Sites.  If you are looking to reach a large number of viewers through a paid to click campaign, I would recomemd paypal's Storm Click.  They offer daily ads that pay views 1cent to $5 to view your ad/website for 20 seconds.
Other Resources
PPC (Paid Per Click ) Tool Kit
PPC Tool Kit contains Bid Reporter Professional and Softnik Ad-Maker are two powerful software products for strategizing your  pay per click search engine advertising campaigns. Use it to find the right keywords, research and optimize your strategy and analyze your competition.
HTML Codes & Goodies
Google Page Ranker HTML Code:
Displays the highest page your website appears on for your highest keyword
Alexa Traffic Button
Create an HTML Code for the Alexa Traffic Rating Button
HTML Color Codes
Traffic Exchange Ox
Traffic Exchange Ox is our Partner website and is a great place to start generating traffic through Banner, Traffic Exchange, Pop Ups, FFA Postings, and a Classified Ad section.
Extreme Auto Traffic
Extreme Auto Traffic is another one of our partner websites and an awesome way to generate lots of traffic to your website.  The auto surf timer is set for 6 seconds so you can rack up lots of traffic, extremely quick.

LINK Exchange

Hit Counter - The Easy Way to Find Link Swap Partners